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RSVP for Bangalore LGBT Pride!

When the Supreme Court re-criminalised homosexuality last year, it was a massive setback for the community. This Sunday will be the first Pride since that decision – and it will be a strong opportunity to come together in a huge show of strength and love for LGBT rights. Making this Sunday huge will show the […]

Minister Kiren Rijiju:

“Tell your Northeast people to leave…” That’s what seven attackers told two young men from Nagaland on October 16 after beating them repeatedly with iron rods, hockey sticks and cricket bats for nearly three hours. This savage attack came just a day after a group of men assaulted three North Eastern students in Bangalore for […]

What is Jhatkaa? Why do we need it?

Jhatkaa “झटका” is a new campaigning organisation committed to building grassroots citizen power across India in effective and innovative ways enabling people to act as the tipping point on an issue.

We collaborate with civil society to engage citizens to hold corporate, cultural, and government leaders accountable in real time at key decision moments through various digital communication platforms.

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